Liberty PAC

I’m a conservative. Always have been, always will be. I’m set in my ways, and I make no bones about it. I am what I am.

I became involved in public service because I love Nevada. I raised my children here, and now my children are raising their children here.

I proudly served several years as your Legislator, first as an Assemblyman, and then as a Senator serving the second largest district within the State of Nevada.

Serving as a Legislator has been an eye-opener. I can tell you wholeheartedly, what happens within the inner bowels of lawmaking is not what often appears on the surface.

I learned a lot about campaigning, and I’ve learned a lot about legislating. Nothing disturbs me more than a candidate who promises one thing, and then pulls a complete one-eighty once elected.  

I have plenty to say about radical liberals who mock your beliefs -- they abhor having secured borders, they despise your constitutional right to bear arms, and they explicitly detest your support for our President.

I also have plenty to say about weak-kneed Republicans who ignore their constituents. They soak you with higher taxes & fees, they refuse to reform Nevada’s failing education system, and they turn a blind eye on illegal immigration.  

I formed LIBERTY PAC to promote and protect liberty, and to reveal the very politicians who deteriorate your liberties. This is not about party affiliation, this is about protecting the honest hard-working taxpaying Nevadan from an overbearing government that is unrestrained and out of control.

I’ll be traveling the State of Nevada to promote Liberty. I will be exposing the records of current politicians who do damage to our liberties, and I will be vetting newcomers who want to represent you. Your sponsorship is important, so please take a moment to click the donate button to send a contribution to LIBERTY PAC so this effort can continue to succeed.

And if you haven’t already, please sign up for my newsletter that 1000’s of my constituents already receive. I will be discussing the important issues and giving my recommendations regarding candidates who deserve (or don’t deserve) your vote in the upcoming 2020 Elections. Stay tuned!

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